Our online wholesale section is coming soon, until then please contact us at info@locomocean.com to register your interest in selling our products.


We at Locomocean can create bespoke neons for any occasion! Whether you are a business or an individual, we can take you through every step needed to create the personalised neon you have been dreaming of. We can create bespoke neon signs for restaurants, bars, events and exhibits or even commission a personal piece for your home. Just contact us at info@locomocean.com with details of your design!

If you have got a photo or sketch of your idea then you can send it to us along with any size specifications and colour preferences and we will work with you to create the neon you’ve always wanted! Don’t worry if you haven’t got any reference photos or sketches as our team of designers in our London studio here at Locomocean can work with you to create exactly the design that you want.
1. What is your design?
Whether you have a design in mind or just a rough idea we can help finalise your artwork to get it ready for design. Send us any images or sketches that you have and we will work our magic!
2. What type of neon are you after?
We offer bespoke wall neons that you can attach to your wall, concrete base neons that stand by themselves like a lamp or our mirror backed acrylic box neons that are the perfect statement piece.
3. What colours would you like your design?
We can create neons in almost any colour that you can think of! Red, blue, green, pink to name a few... so many bright, bold colours to choose from. There are only a couple of colours that we just can’t do in neon, e.g. black and brown.